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Estate Planning Updates

This week is National Estate Planning Awareness Week, which makes it a great time to reassess your estate plan and determine whether there are any changes to be made.   Verify asset value: If you’re leaving assets such as real estate or antiques behind, their value will fluctuate over the …

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Should You Get a Pet?

A pet can bring a tremendous amount of joy to your life. Some studies have even shown that pets can improve both your health and your mood. But before you run out to the shelter to get your next pet, there are some things you should consider.   What kind …

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Do You Have to Claim Winnings and Gambling Income?

The Internet isn’t just the information superhighway, it’s also a gambler’s dream come true. From online slot machines to poker games, bingo to fantasy football betting, gambling is an extremely popular online pastime among retirees. If you have income from gambling or winnings through events such as lotteries and raffles, …

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Learning How to Spend in Retirement

After decades focused on saving and putting money in to your retirement accounts, it can be difficult to finally reach the stage at which you’re taking money out. But retirees shouldn’t resign themselves to a life of poverty because they’re too scared to touch what they’ve saved. Here are six …

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