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Gifts for Senior Milestone Birthdays

There are quite a few milestone birthdays we encounter during our lives. Some, like 18 and 21, have legal implications that make them worth noting. Others, such as 40 and 50, usher us into a new stage in life that matters to us on a social level. Still others, like …

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Estate Planning Updates

This week is National Estate Planning Awareness Week, which makes it a great time to reassess your estate plan and determine whether there are any changes to be made.   Verify asset value: If you’re leaving assets such as real estate or antiques behind, their value will fluctuate over the …

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Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness month and at The Retirement Institute, that means we spend a few weeks deeply focusing on life insurance and how it impacts both pre- and postretirement seniors.   Why Life Insurance Matters to Seniors   Many seniors are concerned about the legacy they’ll leave behind …

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Five Medication Mistakes

Five Medication Mistakes   It’s not unusual to be regularly taking one or more prescription medications by the time you reach 55. Even if you don’t take a prescription med, you might be taking over-the-counter meds such as aspirin, Benadryl and Aleve to help with your pain, allergies and sleeping. …

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