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Want to Get Healthier? Do Your Own Chores!

TRI 9.1.16

As we age and hit a certain point on the socioeconomic scale, it’s not unusual to

begin hiring people to complete some of those boring daily chores that we no longer

want to do. This can mean hiring people to do yard work, landscape maintenance,

home cleaning and laundry.

But more and more studies are finding that getting some form of physical activity

every day is an important part of your overall health. And what better way to do that

than to do your own chores?

The Studies

A study posted by the Annals of Internal Medicine found that a prolonged amount of

time spent inactive and sitting increased health problems even in those individuals

who went to the gym and were physically active a few times each week. Some

studies, such as those completed by Wayne State University School of Medicine,

found that a generally sedentary lifestyle in rats led to physical brain changes that

could eventually lead to an overstimulated nervous system.

The Truth about Chores

So what difference can a few chores make? Turns out, a lot. Chores that prevent you

from sitting, such as weeding the garden, raking, mowing the lawn, doing laundry,

washing dishes and cleaning the floor, all help reduce the amount of hours you

spend sedentary. In addition, these activities help you burn calories while helping

prevent fluid buildup in your legs, swelling and even sleep apnea. They also help

reduce deterioration in your brain and can lower your risk of blood clots.

Once you enter retirement, it’s easy to live a mostly sedentary life punctuated by the

occasional walk or trips to the gym. But as the studies cited above note, getting

exercise just two or three times a week may not be enough to keep you in optimal

health. Instead, consider taking back at least some of your chores, as long as your

doctor agrees. Not only can this save your health but it can save you money too!

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