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Romance after Retirement

Retirement is a time of transition. For many individuals, it may also be a time of becoming newly single. Divorce rates among those who are 50 and over have doubled during the past 20 years, and still others end up widowed long before their own lives come to an end. …

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Five Tips for Re-entering the Workforce after Retirement

There are many reasons seniors may find themselves re-entering the workforce after retirement. They might not have enough savings to live as comfortably as they’d originally expected. They could get bored being retired full-time, or they may find that they miss the interaction they once had with coworkers and customers. …

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Dieting after Middle Age

Weight problems are a common occurrence among adults who are middle-aged and older. In 2010, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that almost 70 percent of adults over age 60 were overweight. Between changes in your body’s endurance, your energy level and your slower metabolism, it almost feels …

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Introduction to Antioxidants

An antioxidant is really a chemical that cuts down on the rate of particular oxidation responses inside a specific context, where oxidation responses are chemical responses which involve the change in electrons from the substance for an oxidising agent. Anti-oxidants are particularly significant poor organic chemistry and biology: all living …

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