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Learning How to Spend in Retirement

After decades focused on saving and putting money in to your retirement accounts, it can be difficult to finally reach the stage at which you’re taking money out. But retirees shouldn’t resign themselves to a life of poverty because they’re too scared to touch what they’ve saved. Here are six …

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Finishing School after 50

  A college education may be considered an unquestioned requirement now, but there was a time when it wasn’t something every high school student thought was necessary. Whether you skipped college back when you graduated or you went, but not for what you wanted to, your pre- and postretirement years …

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Traveling Smart after Retirement

The ability to travel whenever, wherever is one of the major benefits of retirement. But if you aren’t careful, your long-dreamt-of trip can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are five tips to help ensure it’s smooth sailing.   Check with the State Department for travel warnings. Sometimes, it’s simply …

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Do You Need Travel Insurance on Your Next Trip?

Travel insurance can be a useful add-on for some tourists, and a vital must-have for others. It just depends on your personal situation. Since travel insurance covers a broad range of situations (including the need for medical treatment abroad, emergency evacuation and replacement of lost luggage), you could very well …

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Four Ways to Get Rid of Your Junk

Life has a way of making us hoarders. While some people are good about getting rid of their old, unused stuff, other people like to store it away, just in case they ever need it.   Eventually, there comes a time when you realize that you probably aren’t ever going …

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Life in an RV: Is It for You?

Many seniors and preretirees dream of life on the open road, moving from state to state and making a permanent home in a recreational vehicle. While this is a fun dream to have, the RV lifestyle isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. Here are some things you should know before …

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