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An Introduction to Long-Term Care

We spend our entire adult lives planning for our future. But no matter how well prepared we are, there are often details left unattended. While some details can be missed without causing a financial crisis for our heirs or us, others create a cascade of debt and depletion of assets …

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Considering Pension Buyout Factors

The recent pension buyout offered by General Motors sent many seniors and boomers on a mad hunt for information about the pros and cons of accepting a buyout offer in place of what was originally meant to be a lifetime payout.As with any financial decision, there are risks involved both …

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What’s in an RMD?

If you have a Traditional IRA, then you won’t be allowed to make contributions anymore once you reach the year in which you turn 70.5. In addition, while you may opt to start taking distributions without penalty at age 59.5, you will be forced to take distributions the year after …

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