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Finishing School after 50

  A college education may be considered an unquestioned requirement now, but there was a time when it wasn’t something every high school student thought was necessary. Whether you skipped college back when you graduated or you went, but not for what you wanted to, your pre- and postretirement years …

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Traveling Smart after Retirement

The ability to travel whenever, wherever is one of the major benefits of retirement. But if you aren’t careful, your long-dreamt-of trip can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are five tips to help ensure it’s smooth sailing.   Check with the State Department for travel warnings. Sometimes, it’s simply …

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Short-Term Care

Imagine if you had an accident and broke your leg. For a few weeks or months, until you adjusted to the cast, crutches and your new physical limitations, it would be almost impossible to move around and do all the things you normally do. The older you are when it …

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An Introduction to Long-Term Care

We spend our entire adult lives planning for our future. But no matter how well prepared we are, there are often details left unattended. While some details can be missed without causing a financial crisis for our heirs or us, others create a cascade of debt and depletion of assets …

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