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About The Retirement Institute

Who We Are

The Retirement Institute LogoThe Retirement Institute was founded by financial planning professionals who were fed up with the way online retirement planning information had embraced new technology just to deliver the same old advice. The site was designed to provide accessible content tailored to a new generation of retirement planners as they head toward an entirely new financial landscape. The result is a site that is dedicated to educating baby boomers and seniors on the specific financial challenges and advantages they face as they age.

The Retirement Institute team is comprised of financial industry professionals and retirement planning specialists with decades of experience in the industry. It’s not just their job to stay on top of the most recent trends likely to affect tomorrow’s seniors, it’s their passion.

What We Do

The world of finance has changed significantly over the past few decades. In order to create a lasting retirement fund, today’s senior and preretiree must learn how to adjust to these changes. While that’s a simple lesson to learn, in practice, it’s much more difficult. Who do you trust when looking for the most up-to-date information about investing, preserving your savings, budgeting and fitting a fixed amount of retirement income into a world with ever-inflating costs? Where do you turn when trying to find trends in retirement planning for today’s senior—or tomorrow’s? How do you find the news and solutions that will help you manage an entirely new retirement landscape?

The Retirement Institute was designed to cut through the static, the talking heads, and the fear mongering that permeates many other retirement planning resources. Our free library of articles and tools sticks to the topic and gives you the no-frills information you need to keep up with an ever-changing market. We monitor trends, facts, and industry secrets that others don’t want you to know. We deliver authentic, real-life information that can help make your future more financially stable.

At TRI, we make your successful retirement our top priority.

What Guides Us

The Retirement Institute (TRI) is dedicated to bettering the lives of today’s seniors, baby boomers and preretirees. We believe that by helping preretirees plan smarter for retirement, we strengthen the underlying economy of the country and improve the standard of living for all. By empowering those who are headed toward retirement over the next few decades, we can ensure that they have the financial stability to deal with upcoming shortages in Social Security as well as cost-of-living growth due to inflation and the increased cost of medical care. In doing so, we don’t just help retirees, we help the world.