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Streaming Media: Why You Should Get on Board

TRI 8.25.16

In the 1970s when cable television entered the scene, the entertainment landscape

changed dramatically. Gradually, we were introduced to the 24-hour news cycle, the

idea of hundreds of channels to surf through and the joy of having music, sports, TV

shows and movies at out fingertips.

Now, with the popularity of the internet, disruption is happening again in

entertainment through the onset of streaming media—and it’s a good idea for

seniors to jump onboard.

What Is Streaming Media?

Streaming media is the term used to describe applications, programs and devices

that allow viewers to access libraries of movies, television shows, documentaries,

music and other media at the simple click of a button.

You’ve probably heard of one of the bigger streaming media companies, Netflix. In

addition to allowing users to receive borrowed DVDs in the mail, they also allow

certain accountholders to immediately stream shows, movies and more on their PC,

smartphone, tablets and televisions.

But Netflix isn’t alone. Other providers include Amazon Prime, Crackle, Hulu (which

plays current TV show episodes the day after they air on cable), and various

networks such as NBC and PBS.

What’s In It for You

Many streaming media resources are free, such as Crackle. Some have subscription

fees but if you’re careful, these can cost a lot less than cable each month. Even better,

instead of watching the limited selection of proprietary shows and movies that cable

and broadcast channels provide, with streaming media you have access to an

unbelievable amount of entertainment options—which means you can choose the

things you most want to see without getting stuck watching something that doesn’t

appeal to you.

Seniors are sometimes intimidated by changes in the technological landscape, and

this causes them to ignore innovations that they think are beyond their technical

prowess. But with streaming media, you can buy devices (such as the Roku or a

Smart TV) that have built-in streaming applications, making it easy to enjoy the

personalization and access that streaming media has to offer.

Taking control of your entertainment choices is an important, and now affordable,

part of a happy retirement plan. Get on board the streaming media revolution and

see what a difference it makes!

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