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Gifts for Senior Milestone Birthdays

There are quite a few milestone birthdays we encounter during our lives. Some, like 18 and 21, have legal implications that make them worth noting. Others, such as 40 and 50, usher us into a new stage in life that matters to us on a social level. Still others, like 70, 80 and 90, celebrate a long life, well lived.


As a person ages, it can become difficult to think of a special birthday present for those late-in-life milestone birthday celebrations. Here are a few ideas that are easy, thoughtful and impactful.


  1. Personalized wine labels: Show your friends and loved ones that they are a special vintage without compare by buying them personalized wine labels. These labels can feature many different design options, each of which highlights the age of the recipient and feature a positive phrase about the age. You may be able to find labels for beer bottles as well.


  1. Year You Were Born time capsules: It can be a lot of fun to explore the top songs, trivia and candy from the year you were born, and these time capsules allow the recipient to do just that.


  1. Nostalgic candy gift sets: Nothing brings back sweet memories of childhood faster than the taste of the candy you enjoyed as a kid. Nostalgic candy gift sets provide a large box of various candies that were popular when the recipient was born—and they even have enough to share.


  1. DVD greeting cards: With a DVD greeting card, you can give your loved one a 30-minute video synopsis of the year they were born. Featuring news reports and newsreels, movie clips and commercials, sports highlights and music, these DVDs cover all the important bits and pieces from the year they entered the world.


There are lots of ways to commemorate an important birthday, and gifts are just one of them. The most important way, however, is to spend time with the person and help them relive some of their fondest memories. Just listening to others is often the greatest gift you can give.

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