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Alternatives to Retirement

TRI 7.14.16

It may seem odd for us, The Retirement Institute, to write a post about alternatives to retirement. But

we realize from studying industry-wide reports and surveys that not every senior wants to retire—and

some simply don’t have the financial independence to do so.

For those seniors who can’t or won’t retire, we wanted to present a list of ideas that can offer an

alternative to retirement that is somewhat less demanding than a traditional career, yet still gives

seniors the opportunity to do something fulfilling and earn money in their golden years.

  •  Sign up with a temp agency: The skills you acquire throughout your working life can still be put

to use after you’ve left the full-time working world. By joining a temp agency, you can get short-

term assignments with companies that have a need for your skills, experience and knowledge.

Best of all, you can meet new people every time you get a new assignment, which can help

prevent potential feelings of loneliness and isolation.

  •  Start a small, service-based business: Many seniors, young parents and working professionals

need someone to take care of small daily tasks for them. From picking up laundry to running to

the grocery store, house sitting for a cable company visit to giving medication to a beloved pet,

there are many different service-based tasks you can complete for people. Just remember to

consider your own physical limitations, the costs of providing the service and your potential

liabilities when taking on these jobs. It might be a good idea to look at liability insurance costs

for some of them and, if any involve driving, remember to update your auto insurance policy to

commercial coverage.

  • Choose seasonal work: Many industries have the need for seasonal workers to help during their

busy times. Whether that means working as a tax preparer from February to May, working in a

gift shop during tourist season, or taking a job at the mall during the holidays, these positions

can offer an income for a short time and the opportunity to get back into the workforce briefly

each year.

Your retirement is just that—YOURS. Consider how you want to live it and try to find ways to make it as

comfortable and fulfilling as you’d hoped it would be, even if that means choosing an alternative route

to the norm.

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