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Five Benefits of e-Readers

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Electronic reading devices, such as the Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo Glo and the Nook GlowLight, are quickly becoming a favorite tool for people of all ages. If you’ve been slow to jump on the e-reader bandwagon or worry that you won’t enjoy reading on one of these devices, consider the following five benefits—they might just change your mind.

1.) E-readers can access free books—lots of them: No matter what e-reader you choose, there are loads of free books you can access. From out-of-copyright books part of Project Gutenberg to one-day-free deals to authors providing permanently free books as loss leaders, there are enough free books to last a lifetime.

2. You can borrow library books on your e-reader: Libraries across the country are making e-books borrowable through companies like Overdrive.com. Options range from New York Times bestsellers to classics to brand new releases. With an e-reader device you can borrow hundreds if not thousands of books from your local library without leaving the comfort of your home and when the due date comes, the books will be automatically removed from your device.

3.) E-readers offer immediate access: There are times when you want to read something … but nothing on your shelves hits the right note. With an e-reader, you can shop online from the comfort of home and be reading a brand new book within moments.

4.) Text size is adjustable: Options for large-text books can be limited. And sometimes you don’t need large text so much as slightly larger text. With an e-reader, you can adjust the text size so your reading experience is perfect every time.

5.) E-readers are light: A short mystery novel may be easy to read in bed or carry around with you, but a longer book or epic can be a nightmare for your wrists. An e-reader weighs the same six to nine ounces no matter how big the book you’re reading is.

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Author: Dennis Postema

Video Production: Adam Grillot


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