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Asking Your Children for Help As You Age

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Aging gracefully is ideal, but not everyone is that lucky. For some, extra help is needed with driving to appointments, taking care of daily activities of living, shopping and maintaining the home. Often, we turn to our children to help in those areas we can no longer manage independently.

Many children expect their parents to begin relying on them more and more as they age but the transition can still be tricky to pull off.

Ignore Your Pride

It’s often difficult for parents to come to the realization that they need their children to help them manage their finances, drive them to appointments and take them shopping. But it’s important not to let your sense of pride get in the way. The amount of harm you could inflict on yourself by not asking for help will be much more painful for your children to endure.

Consider Their Time

Another obstacle when it comes to asking your children for their help is the notion that you’ll be imposing too much on them. After all they have jobs to go to, families to raise and personal hobbies to pursue. There are some things you can do to minimize the amount of time you need from your children, including:

  • Looking for local services that can take care of some of your needs;
  • Contacting your local senior center and find out if they have volunteers to help; and/or
  • Paying for limited help.

Your children can also share the remaining responsibilities with other siblings and family members or even work with friends whose parents have similar needs. Another way to make sure you’re considerate of their time is to let them know everything you’ll need in advance so they can schedule multiple errands on a single day.

It may take a village to raise a child but when that village ages, it needs the children to come back and lend a hand. If you’re honest and open with each other and considerate of each other’s time and effort, you and your children can deepen your bond during those years when you need them most.

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