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Facebook Tips You Need to Know

Technology gives us many great ways to regularly and easily communicate with friends and loved ones, no matter how far apart we are. Facebook is currently one of the most popular ways for family and friends to connect online, but many users don’t understand some of the site’s communication nuances. Here are five tips you need to know before you start to interact on the site.
1. TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS CONSIDERED YELLING. While you may want to occasionally capitalize a single word for emphasis, avoid typing all comments and updates in caps.
2. When you post on someone’s wall, it’s not necessarily private. While some people may have privacy settings that prevent others from seeing things posted to their walls, many people don’t and you might not be able to tell who has it set up for privacy. If you want to send a private message that you are positive no one else will see, use the message or chat features instead of posting on the person’s wall.
3. Some of the articles posted may be satire. Satire from sites like The Onion is popular on Facebook, and satire isn’t really satirical unless it’s presented as the truth. This is a confusing point for lots of people—so much so, Facebook has started testing a satire tag on links shared from known satire sites.
4. You may get misdirected and phished. In an attempt to steal your password and take over your account, some Facebook links may redirect you to a site that looks like Facebook, but isn’t. Once you’re on this site, it will prompt you to reenter your user name and password. To avoid this, always double check the address in your web browser’s address bar and make sure it’s https://www.facebook.com.
5. A lot of the news and information shared on Facebook is false. There are lots of untrue contests and news pieces shared on Facebook, making it worthwhile to do research before commenting or acting on anything you read there. One site that’s usually good about sorting out the true from the untrue is Snopes.com.
What are some recent things you’ve learned about using Facebook?

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